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Sonny DiFranco is The Mac Guru. His background includes extensive experience with Macintosh systems and software. He has held both Sr. Engineering Technician and Engineer positions within the electronics industry, and has been employed by a number of high profile organizations such as The University of Florida, The Boeing Company, and Advanced Micro Devices.

He has been involved with Macintosh systems, personally and/or professionally, since 1984. His initial Mac experience was gained while on staff at the University of Florida at Gainesville (Engineering College -- Digital Design Facility), where he initiated, implemented and managed the University of Florida's campus-wide Apple Computer service and distribution center.

Over the past three decades he has been involved with both hardware support (as an Apple certified technician) and later, software support including installations, upgrades, and end-user training and support. He has been the unofficial Mac Guru at a number of companies over the years, and has maintained a full-time consulting practice serving Central Texas since 1998. Mr. DiFranco is equally at ease supporting home, business, or academic users.

Let The Guru's thirty-plus years of Mac experience help you get the most out of your system!
SCUBA trip photo
Captured on film by local paparazzi, The Mac Guru is seen here
relaxing in the British Virgin Islands while on a SCUBA diving trip.

Even The Guru Needs Time to Relax Occasionally!