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Rates & Fees

On-Site Services:


Our standard hourly rate is currently $120 per hour, and most on-site appointments incur a two-hour minimum charge. There is no additional travel surcharge for travel time to your site, for most locations in Bastrop, Fayette, and Travis counties. Time spent beyond the initial onsite minimum is charged in quarter-hour increments at the same hourly flat-rate of $120 (i.e., $30 per quarter-hour). State sales tax is collected when applicable, depending on the type of services provided (sales tax is always collected on merchandise sales). Also, many Bastrop and Smithville area clients qualify for a reduced 1.5 hour minimum charge.

Off-Site Services:

Off-site services, such as telephone and email consultations, remote-support sessions via the internet, data recovery attempts, research work, etc., are all billed at the same hourly rate of $120 per hour, but are charged in tenth of an hour increments... Please note: offsite consultations or troubleshooting via phone, email, and/or remote desktop (screen-sharing) will incur a minimum charge of a half-hour ($60) per episode (no charge for consultations of five minutes or less for existing clients -- if I can help you that quickly, it's FREE!). Off-site support services must be paid in advance or by credit card at the time services are rendered, unless you are an established client who is in good standing.

Emergency Services:

Emergency services, when available, are charged at time-and-a-half (1.5x the normal rate), plus travel time if on-site emergency services are involved. Emergency service hours may apply for unscheduled nights or weekend service. Also, remote support or onsite assistance, if available while The Guru is on vacation or during holidays or holiday weekends etc., is charged at double-time (2x the normal rate) plus travel time if on-site emergency services are involved.

Payment for Services:

In most cases, payment is due at the time services are rendered. The Mac Guru accepts the major credit cards shown below, or payment in cash or by local check. Projects where work will occur in increments, over more than one day, will usually require a 50% downpayment of the estimated total amount.        

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